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About Me

Eithna Coen

My name is Eithna Coen and I am a mother, midwife and coach. I coach women who are planning to become pregnant, are pregnant or have had a baby recently.

Women that come to coaching have something they want to work on at this important time in their lives, something they want to change, a plan they want to develop, a particular kind of experience they want, a worry they want to think deeply about and sometimes they want to discover a deeper meaning to something that is occurring.

Sometimes their partners come along or come on their own to work through what it all means for them. However, most of my work is with pregnant women and is carried out via the phone, face to face or on Skype. I combine my experience of practising as a midwife for 25 years with my coaching skills to work with my clients on whatever it is they want to work on.