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What is Pregnancy Coaching?

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Coaching is always about moving forward. Pregnancy coaching is an intervention available to you, to assist you during pregnancy and childbirth to gain greater understanding of what you want, get insights, discover different perspectives and come up with your solutions and answers in preparing for the future and much more.

Coaching is conducted in a safe space, through meaningful, purposeful conversations between a skilled coach and a client or a group of clients, within a relationship of trust, respect, confidentiality and honesty to achieve desired outcomes for you, as set by you, with the best intention for you. The coach and you are equal partners in this working relationship designed together.

People usually come to coaching because they want things to be different in their lives and/or they have important goals to reach. The result of coaching is increased self understanding, enhanced clarity on the choices you are making, an expectation that you will live and behave differently and to some extent become a self-coach. The choices we make every day no matter how trivial or small contribute to creating an experience that is more (or less) fulfilling for us.

In coaching I co-create an environment with clients within which a focused concentrated conversation takes place, where clients feel safe to challenge themselves, be courageous and speak the truth to enable change in their being or doing and so they move forward.

Clients come up with the answers themselves and find their own solutions; they know the ones that work best for them. The coach works from the premise each client is whole, creative and resourceful and beaming with potential. The coaching relationship is built upon the coach simply and truly believing in the clients and believing that they are experts on themselves and are capable of making the best choices for themselves.