Acceptance Mark



My Coaching Philosophy

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My philosophy as a pregnancy coach is to work with you (and/or your partner) during pregnancy to assist you identify, discover, become aware and connect with what you truly want at this time and as a consequence put plans in place to achieve the choices you make. The coaching sessions are absolutely client led. This means I am truly present, acceptant of where you are at and trust you know what you want.

You and I (and /or partner) work in equal partnership to achieve your (and you’re your partner’s) focus and desired outcomes. To meet your needs, I remain flexible, unattached, curious and accountable. You (and/or your partner) are assisted to access your personal resources to use your full potential, whenever and wherever you need them.

I listen actively for words spoken and those not spoken, asks questions to seek clarifications for you, to discover what is really going on and what you really want. I listen to the very best in you.

What coaching is not

The coach’s role is not to advice you what is best for you or what will or will not work for you. The coach works with you so that you can work all this out for yourself. The coach holds your desired outcome for you, as you work your way towards it, changing it or you on the way if necessary. The coach listens actively, notices things with you, clarifies through questioning and checks with you that you are proceeding as you want, as you come to understand yourself, your needs and wants more clearly.