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Client Testimonials

"I worked with Eithna during my first pregnancy. I found it difficult to connect with my baby and was really worried about this. In the week after our first session I noticed I was thinking differently. The 2nd half of my pregnancy was so different from the first half. I was so much more connected and aware of what was happening within me. I can’t recommend pregnancy coaching enough."
Amber, Kilkenny

"I was given Eithna’s name by a friend and didn’t know anything about pregnancy coaching but liked the sound of it. I had three children at the time and found myself unexpectantly pregnant for the fourth time. I was exhausted from working and being a mother. My husband travelled a lot for work. At my first session I had no idea what I wanted to work on. I cried for most of it. I went for lunch with a friend the following day for the first time in years. And from there I set about slowing my way of living down a little, week by week, that’s all I wanted, was more time in my life and that's what I got. I loved it."
Sue, London

"In the early stages of a challenging new career I needed to find the space to step back, look at the issues causing difficulty and decide what the best solutions were. Eithna's professional and personal coaching introduced me to the techniques I could use and I found the way through to a successful outcome. I now assess and react to situations in a more considered way and would highly recommend Eithna as a coach."
Sinead, Kilkenny

"I had no idea what pregnancy coaching was. I needed to make a big decision and could not do it. I wanted someone detached from me to listen to me as I thought my way through all the possibilities and what they meant to me and my partner. I can’t say it was an easy process but I learned so much about myself and finally made a decision. Thanks Eithna for helping me to be honest with myself. The best of luck with your new practice. I am telling everyone about you."
Ber, Sligo